Foster Care and Adoption

Foster care involves the temporary care of children who are not safe in their family's home due to abuse, neglect, or dependency. Families who are willing to share their homes with children who temporarily cannot live with their parents or relatives provide foster care.

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Foster Parents are people who: Care for children of all ages, races and religions from all geographic areas. Meet the basic day-to-day needs of the children and work with the family's social worker regarding family member visitations, special treatment needs of the child and the hopeful reunification of the child with the family. Are open to a child's past, willing to adjust their parenting to fit a child's needs, and are vital members of the treatment team. Enjoy the challenges and rewards that come from helping youth develop self-esteem and a healthy perspective on life. Share their hearts, their homes and their family experience. 
The Need
Every day children come to the attention of CPS because of abuse and neglect concerns. These children range in age from birth to over eighteen, are primarily caucasian and are often part of a sibling group. Despite their challenges, these children need someone to provide a family setting offering safety and unconditional love and acceptance. Some children stay in foster care for a while until they return to their parents, relatives, or kin. Others will move toward adoption. All children need to know they are special and have their hopes and dreams nurtured to so they can grow into the very best they can be.  Fairfield County is especially in need of foster and foster-to-adopt families for teens, siblings groups and children with physical, developmental or emotional challenges.
Guidelines to becoming a foster or foster-to-adopt parent
Fairfield County CPS recognizes the decision to become a foster and adoptive parent as a serious commitment. Our agency will make every possible effort to assure all applicants are caring, competent and confident in the role of caring for children who have endured horrific situations of abuse and neglect. Together, we will work through a multi-step process, as you become a licensed foster parent or a foster-to-adopt parent. There are guidelines that must be met in order to meet licensing approval. Some of these guidelines are listed below.
  •     Be at least 21 years of age
  •     Have sufficient income to meet your basic needs
  •     Be in good physical condition and capable of caring for a child
  •     Receive criminal record checks for all applicants and anyone living in the home who is over eighteen years of age.  Record checks include local law enforcement, FBI and BCII. 

    History with child welfare agencies will also be reviewed and documentation gathered.  If you would like more information, you can visit: OHIO ADOPTION GUIDE: HANDBOOK FOR PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE FAMILIES.
Pre- Service Training
Every applicant must complete 36 hours of pre-service training which is offered free of charge. It is intended for families to complete training prior to beginning the home assessment process. This thought-provoking training is offered locally by Fairfield County CPS, as well as other locations and provides vital, basic knowledge about general foster care and adoption issues, understanding the impact of abuse, neglect and trauma on children, and specialized parenting skills for those fostering or adopting.  For our next pre- service training schedule, click here.
Home Assessment
A caseworker will be assigned to work with your family to complete the home assessment. This is a mutual process between the assessor and the family and helps in determining the child most suited for you and your home. The home assessment includes:


Fairfield County Child Protective Services is a grantee of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to implement its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. Through this grant, FCCPS will support an adoption professional who implements a proactive, child-focused recruitment model targeted exclusively on moving the longest-waiting children from foster care into adoptive families. Please contact Andrea Williams at 740.438.2297 for more information about this program.  Additionally, please visit to access more information, tools, videos and other adoption resources.
To get more information about becoming a foster or a foster-to-adopt parent, call Fairfield County Child Protective Services at 740.652.7887 and ask to speak to someone in the Foster Care and Adoption Unit.
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