Medicaid for Families with Children, Pregnant Women, and Single Adults

    How do I apply?

Apply Online!


Complete and submit the following application: click here

  •  In person, at our agency during regular business hours (M-F 8:00 am-4:00 pm)
  • By mail, to FCJFS 239 W. Main St. Lancaster, OH 43130
  • By drop box, located in the front of our building,
  • By fax, to 740-689-4848
  • By email, Click Here

    Could I be eligible?

2015 Monthly Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines as of 07/06/15

Household Size

Coverage for Parent or Caretaker Relative

90% (FPL)

Coverage for Single Adults

133% (FPL)

Coverage for Pregnant Women

200% (FPL)

Coverage for Children with insurance

156% (FPL)

Coverage for Children without insurance

206% (FPL)
 1 $883 $1,305 $1,962 $1,531 $2,021
 2 $1,195 $1,766 $2,655 $2,071 $2,735
 3 $1,507 $2,227 $3,349 $2,612 $3,449
 4 $1,819 $2,688 $4,042 $3,153 $4,163
 5 $2,131 $3,149 $4,735 $3,694 $4,878
 6 $2,443 $3,610 $5,429 $4,235 $5,592

What information is needed to process my application?

Your Medicaid assistance group is determined by who you claim on your yearly tax return (parent(s), spouse, dependents, etc.) and your tax filing status. Your permission to verify reported information through electronic verification sources will be required in order to process your Medicaid application.

If Fairfield County Job and Family Services is unable to obtain verification of your income and citizenship status through electronic verification sources then we will issue a written request for verification(s).

What happens after I submit my application?

  • Medical applications are processed by a caseworker with no interview or appointment required.
  • You will receive notification via mail if you are approved or denied.
  • If your application for Medicaid is denied, your application will be automatically forwarded to the Federal Marketplace for alternative medical insurance information and options. For more information on the Marketplace please visit
Your eligibility will be determined within 30 days of your application date.

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