Fairfield County Job and Family Services Director

Aundrea N. Cordle, Fairfield County Job and Family Services Director
email: Aundrea.Cordle@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: (740) 652-7685

Human Resources / Public Relations

Carrie M. Williams, Human Resources Manager
email: CarrieM.Williams@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: (740) 652-7889

Child and Adult Protective Services

Kristi Burre, Deputy Director of Protective Services
email: Kristi.Burre@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: (740) 652-7887

Child Support Enforcement and Workforce Development

Corey Clark, Chief Deputy Director of Child Support Enforcement, Workforce Development, and Strategic Initiatives
email: Corey.Clark@jfs.ohio.gov
Child Support Phone: (740) 652-7888
Workforce Development Phone: (740) 652-7856

Community Services

Laura Holton, Chief Deputy Director of Community Services and Performance Initiatives
email: Laura.Holton@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: (740) 652-7617
Toll Free: 1 (800) 450-8845
FAX: (740) 689-4848
TTY Line: (740) 681-7211
Call Center: (740) 652-7889 (press 0 to connect to the call center)
Case Processing email: Fairf_CS_Process@jfs.ohio.gov


Bart Hampson, Deputy Director of Finance
email: Bart.Hampson@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: (740) 652-7602

Information Technology

Daniel Neeley, Deputy Director of Information Technology
email: Daniel.Neeley@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: (740) 652-7692