Covid19 Waiver

CSEA Customer,


Ohio House Bill 197 was recently passed.  Resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, this emergency legislation serves to toll (suspend or freeze) child support administrative objection periods, as well as timeframes to supply information to the CSEA.  This tolling period is effective until July 31, 2020, or sooner in the event the emergency period is formally lifted.  As a result, the CSEA now requires a voluntary and signed Waiver from both parties to a case in order to remove the tolling limitation and adopt and finalize administrative actions. 


The Ohio Administrative Code’s mandated 14-day objection period for administrative actions is now tolled.  Therefore, the CSEA is presently unable to adopt and finalize the following actions unless both parties to the action sign and return a notarized Waiver. 


Administrative Support Establishment Orders

Administrative Support Modification Recommendations

Administrative Support Objection Hearings

Administrative Termination of Support Investigations

Administrative Termination of Support Objection Hearings without signed and returned waivers


Additionally, the timeframe to submit financial information for a child support modification desk review is also tolled. Therefore, the CSEA will be unable to issue an administrative child support modification recommendation unless both parties respond and provide the requisite financial information. 


The Waiver can be found below.  If you would like the CSEA to move forward and finalize one of the aforementioned actions, please complete the accompanying Waiver and return it to the Fairfield County Child Support Enforcement Agency. 


Thank you for your understanding,

Corey B. Clark, CPM

Chief Deputy Director of Child Support

Fairfield Co. Job & Family Services

239 W. Main St., Lancaster, OH  43130


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