Managed Care

In Ohio, most individuals who have Medicaid must join a managed care plan to receive their health care. Managed care plans are health insurance companies that are licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and have a provider agreement with the Ohio Department of Medicaid to provide coordinated health care to Medicaid beneficiaries. These managed care plans work with hospitals, doctors and other health care providers to coordinate care and to provide the health care services that are available with an Ohio Medicaid card.

Once you are approved for Medicaid, you will be automatically assigned to a managed care plan. You will have the opportunity to change managed care plans within the first 30 days of enrollment, or during open enrollment each November.

For more detailed explanations of these programs, visit:

You may also contact the Managed Care Enrollment Center Counselor for assistance in selecting a Managed Care Provider at 1-800-605-3040.

Managed Care plans act just like regular health insurance. Once you are enrolled in a managed care plan, you should receive a new card in the mail.