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Fairfield County Adult Protective Services is committed to protecting adults at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation while recognizing the importance of their right to live independently. We achieve this through the provision of appropriate, available, supportive services and referral to available community resources.

In order to achieve our mission and fulfill our mandates, APS staff works very closely with members of the community, other social service and health care agencies, churches, and law enforcement.

Adult Protective Services in Fairfield County is committed to protecting and advocating for adults, age 60 and older, in order to:

  • Prevent, reduce, or remedy conditions causing endangerment;
  • Maximize the older adult’s independence and self-determination, and;
  • Prevent unnecessary institutionalization and enable older adults to remain in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

Services are provided to Fairfield County residents, age 60 or older, who are at risk or victims of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or exploitation, without regard to income.  Adult Protective Services can be reached by calling (740) 652-7887 during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Adult Protective Services do?

Adult Protective Services investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of elders 60 years or older who are handicapped by the infirmities of aging or have a physical or mental impairment which prevents the person from providing for their own care or protection

What are some things that APS does not do?

Just as there are many services that APS is able to offer, there are some things that we are not able to do or do not have the authority to do. The following examples are not an all-inclusive list, but address some to the main misconceptions about APS.

  • Expert evaluations to determine competency
  • Forcing people to leave their homes
  • Taking guardianship of someone
  • Forcing competent adults to work with us or accept care they have refused
  • Open cases for treatment of cockroaches or bedbugs
  • Investigate allegations that occurred in a nursing facility or hospital

What will happen if I work with APS?

If APS comes to your home to investigate an allegation or abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation you can expect to meetwith a trained APS case worker. That person will talk with you regarding the allegations and work with you to best meet your individual needs and reduce your risk of harm. The investigator may recommend supportive services and meet with you and your family to discuss the allegations and assessment.

What are your rights?

  • Be treated with courtesy and respect
  • An investigator who works with you and listens to your needs and concerns
  • Participate in the development of a Service Plan. A Service Plan identifies the services recommended and who will be responsible for providing these services
  • Clear, honest answers to your questions
  • Be told about other organizations that can help you and your family if APS cannot help
  • Written notification of the case resolution if requested
  • Be served without discrimination on the basis of age; race; national origin; creed; gender; sexual orientation; lifestyle; or physical, mental, or developmental disability
  • File a complaint or grievance if you have a problem or concern that cannot be resolved by your investigator or the supervisor
  • Refuse services
  • Ask that services be terminated
  • Provide accurate information
  • Cooperate with your investigator and others trying to help you
  • Tell your investigator of the supervisor if you have a problem so they can serve you better

Can APS take guardianship of an older adult?

APS typically works with the person’s family, supports, or a community member to get an appropriate guardian established through the court. APS does not take guardianship.

Does Fairfield County APS take reports on evenings and weekends?

Yes. Contact the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office at 740-652-7900 and request to speak with the Protective Services on-call staff anytime the agency is closed.

Can APS force an adult to enter a nursing home?

Adult Protective Services works with individuals and families to keep adults in their homes as long as possible. APS does not have the authority to force an adult to enter a nursing home.

Can an adult refuse services from APS?

Yes. Competent adults have the right to refuse services or to work with APS.

What is the best way to contact Fairfield County APS with my concerns?

Contact us at 740-652-7887 to speak with one of our professional screening staff. APS staff may also be available to take your call. Callers are encouraged to speak with staff to leave a report of abuse, neglect or exploitation.