Training & Pre-Service

2016 Fairfield County Foster & Adoptive Parent Workshop Schedule (click to expand)

  • January 16th (Saturday, 9-4)-928-11 “Packing and Unpacking: How to Deal with the Baggage of Visitation” – Jim Still-Pepper
  • February 8th (Monday, 6-9 pm) – 926-44-GAP “GAP: Meeting the Needs of a Newly Placed Child” – Marla Himmeger
  • March 10th (Thursday, 6-9 pm) – 943-1 “Dealing with the Impact of Early Sexual Trauma” – David Zidar
  • April 9th (Saturday, 9-4) - 924-4 “Difficult Conversations: “Why do I Have to Live with You and Not My Mom?” – Gene Smiley
  • May 12th (Thursday, 6-9 pm) - 949-18“Lifebooks”- Maggie Lupton
  • June 11th (Saturday, 9-4) –981-2 “Home Grown Child Welfare: Working with Families in the Appalachian Culture” – Brian Bethel
  • August 27th (Saturday, 9-4) – 925-64 “Trauma Lab” - Jim Still-Pepper
  • September 15th (Thursday, 6-9 pm) – 928-20 “Bridging the Gap Between Foster Parents and Birth Parents” – Susan Schmalzried
  • October 15th (Saturday, 9-12) – 923-17 “Do You Feel Me?Listening to, Talking, and Problem Solving with Your Foster Child” – Brian Lowery
  • October 15th (Saturday, 1-4) – 923-10 “Holy Chaos Batman”: Understanding and Addressing Risk and Behavior in Adolescents” – Brian Lowery
  • November 10th (Thursday, 6-9 pm) - 923-21 “Feeding a Healthy Brain?” – Ann Anzalone

    All foster and foster care adoption parents should register for training via E-Track.  Please contact your foster care/adoption assessor with questions. Kinship caregivers also welcome! Talk to your kinship worker for details.

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    Pre- Service Training

    Every applicant must complete 36 hours of pre-service training which is offered free of charge. It is intended for families to complete training prior to beginning the home assessment process. This thought-provoking training is offered locally by Fairfield County CPS, as well as other locations and provides vital, basic knowledge about general foster care and adoption issues, understanding the impact of abuse, neglect and trauma on children, and specialized parenting skills for those fostering or adopting.  For our next pre-service training schedule, click here.