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Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs Center offers a wide variety of services to assist you in your job seeking. Our resource room offers high speed internet, the ability to create a resume, fax, and copy machine. You can meet with an employer conducting on site interviews and also sign up to a job readiness workshop. Our services are free and available to anyone looking for a job.

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Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs offers a variety of informational workshops to assist job seekers. You can attend a workshop to learn computer basics, develop customer service skills or learn how to answer the tough interview questions from the employer. Workshops are typically two hours in length and are free. The workshop are held at Job and Family Services. 

Career Advising:

Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs Center offers a wide variety of career services at no charge. Career Advisors are equipped with a variety of resources that will enable you to explore your career interests and abilities. Career Advisors can guide and provide you with the tools you need to research the labor market of potential careers to ensure you are making the best possible decision. Contact us today to get started on your next job.
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Training Services:

Through the Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act (WIOA) the goals of Workforce Development staff are to assist you with obtaining employment. We will work together with you to create a resume, job search and practice your interviewing skills. We will listen to your interests and goals to provide guidance as to what steps can be taken to meet your occupational goals. If gainful employment cannot be located after working intensively with your career advisor, then your career advisor may suggest pursuing a short term training program of 2 years or less. To learn more, register for a WIOA orientation at During the WIOA orientation session you can expect to learn an overview of the services and requirements.

Obtaining GED Information:

The Study Shop is the Adult Basic Literacy Education Program located in the Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs Resource Room. Orientations for interested students are held every Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. This program can assist you with reaching your academic goals and obtaining a GED. Contact Susan Cann or Teresa Ashton today at 740-652-7811 for more information.

Career Services for Veterans:

Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs Center offers a variety of services to all of those that served in the military. All military veterans are given priority of service in referrals to job openings and other services. Trained professionals are available to offer a variety of services such as job placement, referrals to supportive community service agencies, barrier elimination and career guidance services to include translation of your military service to civilian careers. For more information on military veteran resources available please stop in at our OhioMeansJobs center or visit

Career Services for workers 55 and over:

This program is designed to provide part-time employment skills training to eligible trainees aged 55 and above. Contact us today at 740-652-7815 Monday-Thursday from 9:00-2:00 p.m.

 More information please visit - or

Career Services for Individuals with Disabilities:

Mission is to partner with Ohioians with disabilities to assist them with achieving great community participation through opportunities for employment and independence. For information on how to access services go to or contact 740-652-7813.

Unemployment Compensation:

To File Unemployment Claim Call – (877) 644-6562 or file online at

Current Claimants if you have  questions regarding your open claim please contact your processing center based upon your last 4 digits of your social security number:

 Processing Center  Social Security # Phone # Fax #
Cleveland 0000-0822 866-576-0006 614-466-7449
Akron 0823-1991 866-768-0022 614-466-7449
Lorain 1992-2510 866-849-0029 614-466-7449
Toledo 2511-3549 800-589-2799 614-466-7449
Franklin 3550-4198 866-217-0008 614-466-7449
Chillicothe 4199-5237
866-244-0399  614-466-7449
Reno 5238-6536 866-867-0044 614-466-7449
Youngstown 6537-7791 866-221-0558 614-466-7449
Dayton 7792-8440 866-541-0187 614-466-7449
Lima 8441-9999 866-272-0118 614-466-7449
Special Claims   866-458-0007 614-752-4809

To reset your PIN call: 877-644-6562 Option 2
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Resume Assistance:

Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs Resource Room offers resume software to assist with creating a top notch resume. The software is user friendly and allows you to format and customize a resume that will fit your skills and abilities. This great tool allows you to review interview questions, develop a cover letter and much more. Come to Fairfield County OhioMeansJobs to check it out and get started on your best resume.

Youth Programs:

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 2014 (WIOA) Youth Program provides high quality services for youth and young adults, ages 16 – 24. Eligible youth can access a variety of career and educational services through WIOA funded programs. These services are designed to help enhance job skills, develop leadership qualities, explore career options, and take advantage of work experiences. The WIOA Youth Program focuses on offering eligible participants access to components that will successfully connect them to education and/or in-demand industries’ occupations.

WIOA Youth programs focus on out-of-school participants to include youth who have dropped out of school, youth looking to enroll in GED programs, and high school graduates not currently employed or enrolled in post-secondary education. Contact our Youth Services Coordinator today at 740-652-7643 to get an appointment scheduled.