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Service of Process 2022

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Substance Abuse Screening 2022

Current Questions Posted At This Time:

What is the volume of samples for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 YTD for urine, oral fluid, and hair?  

Refer to RFP (Section 1.4). This information is not needed for the purposes of the new RFP.


Would it be a consideration to eliminate urine testing and convert that volume to Oral Fluid?   Doing so would eliminate the need for collectors and provide a significant cost savings.

Refer to RFP.


What company currently supplies the alcohol monitoring system?



What is the drug testing panel that all drugs should be tested for? 

Refer to RFP.


How many collector sites are required?

Refer to RFP.


Is testing a screen to confirmation process?  Samples are screened then presumptive positives go on for confirmation. If not, how is the testing structured?

What is the rate for urine, hair, and oral fluid testing? Is there a separate fee for screens and confirmations or is it a flat rate?

What is the collector fee that is currently being paid?

Refer to RFP.