Report a Change

Reporting a change in your circumstances through Fairfield County Job and Family Services is a two step process: reporting the change, and then verifying the new information you reported.

You can report a change by emailing us your change to [email protected], by contacting our Shared Services Line at 1-844-640-6446, or by using the form below. After your change is reported, we will contact you by mail or by phone if any verification of the change is needed.  After updating your case, we will send you a letter to tell you about any change to your assistance.

Report a Change


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Type of change you are reporting:


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Change in Household Members (including newborn)

New Employment

Employment that has Ended

Change in Other Household Income

Expenses (rent, utilities, day care, child support, medical expenses)

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How can we contact you if we need more information?

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