Parenting Education

Parent Education (PE) Services are provided to selected families with an open case with Fairfield County Child Protective Services.  Parent Educators are assigned to cases to work with families in a one-on-one setting.  Each family referred will have the opportunity to work with a Parent Educator and develop an individualized Parent Education Plan to meet each parent(s) specific needs.  These services are designed to be intensive services, meeting weekly, offered to families to assist by increasing positive and consistent parenting skills based specifically on their Parent Education Plan. Parent Educators can use a variety of tools when working with parents, such as discussion, handouts, videos, modeling, etc.

The following criteria must be met for families to be eligible to receive services:

  1.   Fairfield County Child Protective Services has custody of the child(ren);
  2.   Parent(s) are working a reunification plan;
  3.   Parenting is a barrier to reunification;
  4.   Referred parent(s) has all basic needs met (i.e. housing is not a concern);
  5.   If substance use is a concern, parent(s) must be actively engaged in treatment.

For families who met the above stated criteria, and are referred for services,  a Parent Educator will meet with the family, complete a Parent Education assessment, and develop a Parent Education Plan with each parent. Parent Educators have the ability to meet in the home with the parent(s), in the agency, or in a public setting, and will work with the parent(s) at their level/pace. Parent Education Plans are designed to be skill-building, each skill building upon the next. Fairfield County Child Protective Services Parent Education Staff are able to offer the Nurturing Parenting Program® (NPP). This program was developed and validated in 1983 by Dr. Stephen Bavolek.   The Nurturing Parenting Program® is specifically designed and field tested with families involved with the child welfare system.  The program is based on five (5) parenting practices that represent child maltreatment. Specific behaviors were identified and validated from on-going research.  The five (5) constructs of child maltreatment are:

  1.   Inappropriate developmental expectations of children;
  2.   Parental lack of empathy for their own needs and for the needs of their children;
  3.   A strong belief in the use of corporal punishment as a means of punishing children for their   disobedience;
  4.   Reversing parent-child roles leading to robbing the child of their childhood;
  5.   Oppressing children’s power and independence.


Using skills and tools designed and developed for the The Nurturing Parenting Program®, Parents Educators will work to assist families in identifying areas of need and working case plan services to improve parenting skills.  Participation in the program is designed to provide parents the opportunity to demonstrate skills learned and improve outcomes for children and families.  For more information about Parent Education Services offered at Fairfield County Child Protective Services, contact:

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