Voluntary Family Support Services

Protective Services will open an ongoing case and you will work jointly with a caseworker from the agency to develop and implement a case plan for your family.  The plan will describe goals, services and outcomes for your children’s safety with input from you based on your specific need.

Protective Services is concerned about your well-being and your child’s safety, therefore your Protective Services caseworker will visit you regularly.  We need to work together to see how much progress you are making in following your plan.  You will be asked to participate in reviews of your progress in meeting the goals of the case plan.  We will stay involved with you until we determine you don’t need our help to keep your children safe. To reach that point, many parents agree to participate in services such as counseling, parenting support and education, or substance use treatment.

To reduce the risk of abuse or neglect to your child, Protective Services may provide or refer you to services such as:

  • Mental health counseling and treatment
  • Medical treatment
  • Substance use screening and treatment
  • Parenting support/education
  • Educational services
  • Help with finding a place to live
  • Intensive in-home help to solve family crises and other serious issues
  • Developmental services for children.

Prenatal Services

Fairfield County Protective Services would like to extend services to pregnant women residing in Fairfield County, who are in their second or third trimester and are struggling with substance abuse issues. Expectant mothers who meet this criteria will be provided a caseworker who will link the pregnant mother with recovery services, community partners and develop a Plan of Safe Care, which will strengthen family supports to assist in healthier deliveries and better outcomes for the mother and baby. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please call 740-652-7730 and ask to speak with Sarah Fortner.

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