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Common Terms:

Child Support: 
Money paid by a parent, through the Child Support Enforcement Agency, to support the basic needs of their child(ren). 


Any person, including a state or political subdivision, to whom a duty of support is owed.

Any person required to pay child support and / or provide health care coverage. 

Cash Medical:

An amount ordered to be paid in a child support order toward the ordinary medical expenses incurred in a calendar year. This amount may be payable to the obligee or the state. 


Income Withholding Order - A notice that requires an employer, financial institution, or other party to deduct support payments directly from the income of the obligor.


Financial Institution Data Match - A tool of enforcement that cross-references account information.


Child Support Payment Central- The state's centralized collection and disbursement system.


A case is in default if the balance exceeds one month of the ordered child support. 


Support Enforcement Tracking System - The statewide computer system for child support.


Delinquent or past-due support.

Administrative Fee:

A service fee required by State law, 2% of the ordered payment, paid by the obligor.


(Pronounced "4 D") - A section of Federal law which authorizes enforcement remedies to collect support and provides Federal funding for the local agency.


Child Support Enforcement Agency 


Office of Child Support - The State office of child support, under the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, ODJFS.


Office of Child Support Enforcement - The Federal office of Child Support.